General Exchange Info

This idea came from Scumsuck!

This is a general list of things that are frequently repeated across my exchange letters, so for ease you can just find them here! Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you create something I can't wait to see it!

Quick Jumps

Ship Dynamics | Medium Likes | Subject Likes | Do Not Want

Ship Dynamics

I recommend checking out my shipping page where I talk about all my ships and the dynamics I like for each of them! For anything more in depth, you can try checking my liveblog library.

✅ Medium Likes

I like drawings, fics, meta, recommendations, playlists, graphics.

✅ Subject Likes

🚫 Do Not Want (DNW)

These are by no means a moral judgement, simply my preferences. Please check select ships because some of these are lifted for particular ships where I feel it works.