Analysis Essays

Brain Dump: Fujo Bait in D.Gray-Man

D.Gray-Man - Rambling 02/09/2023

Rambling about D.Gray-Man, editing and the Shounen genre when mixed with BL marketing

Game Primer: The Caligula Effect: Overdose

The Caligula Effect - Fandom Primer 04/01/2023

Fandom primer for The Caligula Effect: Overdose

Let's Return

Mother Keeper - Ship Manifesto 04/04/2022

Ship manifesto for Graham Gregson/Zelik Lindemann from Mother Keeper. Will include chapter numbers for each section, however, Zelik is introduced in Chapter 16, so that's your base number. I'm going to include 'past' and 'present' so that you know when in the timeline this is because this series loves to do flashbacks

Manga Primer: Mother Keeper

Mother Keeper - Fandom Primer 28/03/2022

Fandom primer for Mother Keeper

Visual Novel Primer: UuultraC

Uuultra C - Fandom Primer 27/03/2022

Fandom primer for UuultraC


Air Gear - Ship Manifesto 02/03/2022

Ship manifesto for Sora Takeuchi/Kilik from Air Gear. There will be spoilers but there will be warnings! Rule of thumb is everything here is post chapter 156.

The Mikage Seminar

Revolutionary Girl Utena - Character Analysis 01/04/2021

Character analysis of Souji Mikage

The Hero's Journey (But You're No Hero)

Kamen Rider Kabuto Tokusatsu - Character Analysis 25/06/2020

Character analysis of Kageyama Shun

Homosexuality and Human-Eating

Kamen Rider Amazons Tokusatsu - Character Analysis Literary Theory 27/06/2019

Analysis of cannibalism as a metaphor for homosexuality regarding Kamen Rider Amazons

The Case of Kuji Chikai

Sarazanmai - Episode Analysis Rambling 31/05/2019

Casual thoughts on episode 8 of Sarazanmai

The Case of Kuji Toi

Sarazanmai - Episode Analysis Rambling 03/05/2019

Casual thoughts on episode 4 of Sarazanmai