Angelo and Nero

Angelo Lagusa / Nero Vanetti

Some Delicious Pineapple

-Imagine fucking up killing a guy so bad you fall in love with him
Testa and Vincent

Testa Lagusa / Vincent Vanetti

-Some day I'll read the content for them

-But mmm that yummy dad shipping

-The homoeroticism of murder uwu

Sora and Kilik

Sora / Kilik


-The inherent homoeroticism of literally everything going on between these two

-The matching tattoo, getting the payout on his life insurance, polar opposites but best friends, getting jealous when he gets a gf

-The only one Kilik ever seems happy to be around


-The inherent homoeroticism of holding his decapitated head

Aeon and Spitfire

Yasuyoshi "Aeon Clock" Sano / Spitfire

Some Flaming Homosexuals

-Aeon went outside 1 time and now he's gay

-Not only that but he's gay for Spitfire of all people how bad can your taste in men get

-And acts tsundere about it unlike how he acts when flirting with anyone else

-I think that's how you know Spitfire is the one he loves most.

Akita and Agito

Akira Udou / Agito Wanijima

Oh Boy Devilman

-Agito is a Ryo in his heart of hearts and it makes him incredibly jealous when Akira takes interest in some girl

-Seriously his name is Akira Udou

-Former partners make me 🥺

-"Hi Agito your dad kidnapped me help"

Haru and Legoshi

Haru / Legoshi

-I'm weak and they're so cute

-This whole manga is about them how can I not

-This puppy is so in love

-And Haru loves him so much too

Gosha and Yahya

Gosha / Yahya

-Gosha you are such a sweetheart

-Have the worst boyfriend on the market

-Gosha is such a nice old man that loves his grandson and babysits all these kids

-And here's his asshole ex-boyfriend that loves murder and is still hung up on him

-But Gosha has literally 0 animosity towards him because he's such a sweet old man

-Yahya just gonna have to adapt

Pina and Riz

Pina / Riz

-Pina is incapable of fear

-Sassy shitty twinks are best handled by bears

-Pina is also inedible unless he consents

-Riz can try again with (physically) soft herbivore boy

-And this ones more likely to go lol violence sexy :)

Louis and Ibuki

Louis / Ibuki

-It is Louis's nature to control a large carnivore

-He doesn't want Ibuki to be a father figure, he wants him to be submissive and br-

-And Ibuki is certainly submissive and willing to do anything for Louis

-He just loves him so much and is always looking out for him

-And he made Louis love carnivores

Enrique and Oliver

Enrique / Oliver

-If you look closely, you realise these two are full of chaos

-Oliver is his enabler but he acts like he's stopping him

-If you're rich and European enough, this happens

-Sometimes a date is fucking up Robert's house

Johnny and Robert

Johnny McGregor / Robert Jürgens

-They're not happy about it but they are dating

-Like they spend their lives not knowing why they got together in the first place but neither are interested in ending the relationship

-And Johnny still gets annoyed when people interrupt them so like there has to be something good going

Kai and Wyatt

Kai Hiwatari / Wyatt Smithwright

-Senpai Senpai Senpai


-Unfortunately, Wyatt is in the hospital. He'll never be the same again. But Don't Worry!!! He's Okay!!!

-And Kai will see his ghost for reasons that don't involve Wyatt being dead because he is very alive and okay in the hospital

Kyoya and Benkei

Kyoya Tategami / Benkei Hanawa

-Benkei just loves this feral little man so much

-He named a burger after him

-Kyoya's just feral and needs held and cuddled by a bear what can we say

Zeo and Toby

Zeo Abyss / Toby

-We've moved past the need for Masamune

-I will go along with any evil plan for Toby's sake (because I love him)

-Tho not a big fan of Toby becoming Sephiroth to destroy the world

-And now Toby is pregarnt so it'll be the three of them blading

Da Xiang and Xiao

Da Xiang Wang / Xiao Xin

-Da Xiang grabs Xiao and Xiao goes "daddy? sorry. daddy? sorry."

-Heterosexuality over, Da Xiang stepped in

-I mean can you blame Xiao? I think Da Xiang has that effect on everyone

Aguma and Bao

Aguma / Bao

-The size difference is Peak, I am Love

-Aggressive little chihuahua boyfriend

Sakyo and Takanosuke

Sakyo Kurayami / Takanosuke Shishiya

-Takanosuke literally just saw a fucked up dragon man and went oh fuck it I'm in love with him now

-He doesn't know who I am? I'll simply follow him everywhere until he has to acknowledge me

-And it works? Sakyo goes oh he loves me? oh fuck

-And they get their synchro bey and Sakyo will kill anyone who talks shit about Takanosuke because he loves and respects him

Shu and Valt

Shu Kurenai / Valt Aoi

-You two are 11 and have no idea what a damn crush is

-But just make him a load of pasta

-"IS THAT A MERMAID" "That's a dolphin"

-Make your beyblades do the kiss thing

-Set all your life around each other


Ben and Ken

Ken Midori / Ben Azuki

-There's nothing quite like furries in love

-Boyfriend that bites any guys who look suspicious

Wakiya and Hoji

Wakiya Murasaki / Hoji Konda

-Hoji is my precious boy I love him so much

-Wakiya you terrible little dragon

-But they're happy together and work so hard together I'm so proud of them

-I love them

-Wakiya's a brat but good

Zac and Akira

Zac the Sunrise / Akira Yamatoga

-I would throw them both through a wall for daring to open their mouths

-A constellation

-Zac I don't think the sun is included in many constellations

-[Akira voice] I LOVE YOU

-Akira Yamatoga, Known Gremlin, Walks into your dressing room, uses your full name

-Thank you dub team for making this gay shit canon

Hyde and the Harem

Hyde / Count Nightfell / Evel Oxford / Kyle Hakim

--Hyde despite everything just applied himself to loving others and I think that's great

-When family fails you you just stock pile boyfriends who are chill with living in Hell

-Nightfell is the mainboy here tho

Suoh and Fubuki

Suoh Genji / Fubuki Sumiye

-Cute boys

-Stop fighting jesus christ

-Suoh is so obsessed with beating him this poor boy

-I just think it's right

-Suoh can be such a bastard but I guess Fubuki is here to kick his ass back into place

Dante and Delta

Dante Koryu / Delta Zakuro

-Sometimes if a boy is possessed by Satan, it makes him realise he's gay

-I choose to believe they speak Spanish to each other, completely forgetting everyone else doesn't know Spanish

-Actually, Delta doesn't speak Japanese, full stop.

-But he is a big tsundere

Dante and Gwyn

Dante Koryu / Gwyn Reynolds

-If you try hard enough and are positive enough, you can seduce God

-And you can do so while possessed by a dragon that may be a bit on board with eating people

-That's just how things are in beyblade

Kai and Ren

Toshiki Kai / Ren Suzugamori

-Like Tsukasa and Daiki but they play a card game

-Kai ghosted me guess I'll start a BDSM cult

-Kai, Aichi isn't worthy of you

-Invites self to be naked in Kai's home

-Kai has never thought and he avoids thinking about Ren always

-I love dramatic ex boyfriends

-People underestimate the importance of their relationship

-Their entire thing is how they interact with each other

Naoki and Aichi

Naoki Ishida / Aichi Sendou

-I don't much care for Aichi

-But Naoki is so pure and genuine in his affection that I want the world for him

-He's grown so much and is the pure energy of would do anything for Aichi

-Knows he did wrong and wants to be better and grow as a person

-And they don't have any of the weird idolation that happens with Kai and Aichi

-Their bond has to grow from the ground and I think they could end up really good together

Kurogane and Fai

Kurogane / Fai D. Flourite

"Good Morning, Kurogane"


-Listen to me right now they're married

-Actually Vic McFuck phoned CLAMP and they told him Fai was straight

-Fai please honey


-I love Tsubasa so much and I love them so much


-There's no love that goes harder than literally tying your life together

-Also the furisode. I'm always thinking about Fai's furisode

-Like that's it, from that point on they're just a couple and they've improved themselves so much by being together

Sakura and Syaoran

Sakura / Syaoran

Tsubasa Vers.

-Oh these two make me cry

-CLAMP get it. CLAMP get how to write het couples and make you care about them and how to develop their relationships in an interesting way instead of just assuming you're going to accept hets for the sake of hets existing


-I love both Sakura and Syaoran and the two Tsubasas

-Both sets are so important and wrote so well

Fuuma and Kamui

Fuuma / Kamui

-What's a little bone breaking between soulmates

-X is a series about doing whatever the fuck you want and whoever the fuck you want

-If what you want more than anything in the world is to make out with your ex-bestie who breaks your bones? Go get it!

-Also Fuuma in Tsubasa is so clingy, it's nice to be able to see the version of him that isn't giving up himself to be what other people want him to be

-Please finish X, I need to know if Fuuma ever gets to be himself and with Kamui and-

Subaru and Seishirou

Seishirou Sakurazuka / Subaru Sumeragi


-I regularly start crying thinking about seisub like

-Tokyo Babylon is one of the most beautifully written romance manga I've ever read and I'm just in love with it

-And one of the best tragedies because everything that goes wrong is their own fault

-Both of them make mistakes that make themselves miserable because they're both struggling so much that they can't care about their own happiness

-And Tsubasa shows us what a goof Sei could be. We know he can be someone who messes about and loves Subaru to the ends of a million universes

-CLAMP, I think they deserve to meet like that. They did nothing wrong there. They're just in love and cursed from a life they don't remember. That's not fair. CLAMP, I see that copy of devilman. CLAMP-

-At least they got married. Congratulations!

Watanuki and Doumeki

Shizuka Doumeki / Kimihiro Watanuki


-Oh boy another eye marriage

-And another one based on someone's struggle to care about themselves and being self-sacrificing in a way that hurts everyone around them

-It's almost like being self-sacrificing is a bad thing actually

-But Doumeki loves his wife (Watanuki) anyway and will spend his entire life with him

-Even if Watanuki will forever stay in place, Doumeki will be at his side as long as he can

-They're just in love you know

-Even if Watanuki is a big tsundere

Rikuo and Kazahaya

Rikuo Himura / Kazahaya Kudo

-If you're a good boy, your parents will pick out a nice boyfriend for you

-And then stand by and wait for you two to do it

-What's better than this, another BL that CLAMP will never finish writing

-They're being really inconsiderate

-Because Rikuo is clearly falling in love

-Kazahaya meanwhile would like to actually save any of the money from his pay cheque

Kakei and Saiga

Kakei / Saiga

-You don't know embarrassing parents till you meet these two








Touya and Yukito

Touya Kinomoto / Yukito Tsukishiro

-My Boyfriend Is The Moon

-Wow Touya, Yukito sneaks into your room to study every night?

-The first time I ever saw them, in the Tsubasa anime, I looked at them and went "ah, so they're a couple"

-Even the Tsubasa anime couldn't straightify them

-And then CSS is Touya about to fight a 12 year old for hitting on his man

Tai and Matt

Taichi "Tai" Kamiya / Yamato "Matt" Ishida

-Cough cough, well what's better than a little rivalry

-His parents are just stuck like "well, at least his taste is better than his brother's"

-Have you seen Omnimon

-They're literally linked by Cupid's arrow? Like, I don't know what else to make of that

Davis and Ken

Davis Motomiya / Ken Ichijouji

-DNA digivolve partners

-[Tai Voice] Kiss him

-Nokia why did you use DNA Digivolve to mean sex

-Actually adorable pair

-Ken takes such good care of him

-And Davis helps Ken so much

-A good balanced pair they love each other so much

Kari and Yolei

Kari Kamiya / Yolei Inoue

-DNA digivolve partners are just inherently romantic

-Yolei crushes on everyone but she'll confess to Kari

Takuya and Koji

Takuya Kanbara / Koji Minamoto

-There's probably some ship name but I'm too lazy to learn

-Digimon anime has 1 type of ship and it's goggle boy with broody boy that holds him back from getting killed

-They're so soft and cute tho

-And get a fusion form which is just gay culture

-and theyre serpheat

Haru and Yujin

Haru Shinkai / Yujin Ozora

-Yo digimon just putting out gays and everyone sleeping on them?

-Tears through solid rock bc I realised I'm in love with my best friend and I'm not letting him go

-Seisub ruined me what can I say

-Yujin constantly pushes himself between Haru & Ai literally

-"love me"

Arata and Takumi

Arata Sanada / Takumi Aiba

-I don't eat humans or digimon, just Eaters and Takumi

-He's my... um...

-Close so close

-Bully sweet nerd boyfriend

-Though Arata will surely end up bullying him for drinking mayonnaise coffee

-Arata info dumps to Takumi about his interests constantly god bless

Ryuuji and Chitose

Ryuji Mishima / Chitose Imai

-Ryuuji loves him so damn much

-Chitose takes such good care of him

-Chitose looks after this family

-Always with him

-Means the world to Ryuuji

-Tried so hard to make Ryuuji happy


Yu and Keisuke

Yu Nogi / Keisuke Amasawa

-I would die for you

-Digimon I'm begging you

-If anyone knows if theres a special bonus item for Yu hmu

-This is some dumb gay problem solving


-Keisuke always protect him

Yuuko and Fei

Yuuko Kamishiro / Fei Wong Tomoe Ignacio


-Fight lesbian and also fight lesbian

-But one fight lesbian is too focused on food

-Adorable hackers

Kanda and Alma

Alma Karma / Yu Kanda

-That's his wife!!

-Except he transed gender so he's his husband now!!

-He makes him birthday jumpers because he loves him so much!!

-And Kanda loves him so much, even though they'd had such a rough intro as kids, he fell in love with him all over again

-And Alma had always loved him and OTL

-Was it not fair to let them die in each others arms, knowing they had been fulfilled and in love?

Lavi and Krory

Lavi / Arystar Krory

-I think about the framing of these panels so much

-That's Lavi's little Krorykins

-Big scary lamp post that cowers behind him crying his eyes out cause he saw a jumpscare

-Drinks his blood

-I think Krory should become a neutral party actually so that he can stay with Lavi

-He's probably more suited to it than Lavi, lbr

Mana and Allen

Mana Walker (née Campbell) / Allen Walker

-So Allen really wasn't normal about that old man, huh?

-Like. Seriously not normal about that old man. Kind of an obsessed little freak about that old man quite frankly.

-You ever meet a man with dementia and soon you're like I need to fuck this man so bad

-Become obsessed with the concept of if Mana loved him

-Deperately tried to bring him back to life

-Would probably sell everyone away for Mana lbr

-For what? A man he knew for a year?

-That's not a father figure, Allen is just displaying some freak behaviour

-Sorry Mana, you're not getting a say in this.

Mana and Allen

Road Kamelot / Lenalee Lee


-Road treating her like her doll

-They could have something. When all is done, in a world where they both live, they could have something.

Nozaki and Sakura

Umetarou Nozaki / Chiyo Sakura

-Is Cute!!

-I'm a sucker for these kinds of relationships where they're just head over heels

-Even though we'll never get any resolution until right at the end

Hori and Kashima

Masayuki Hori / Yuu Kashima

-I'm weak for a prince who stops being a prince when it's the person they love

-They're just very sweet

Seo and Wakamatsu

Yuzuki Seo / Hirotaka Wakamatsu

-I love the chaos of it

-And Seo's abuse of the Waka doll

-Stan a girl who can't be trusted

Mayu and Mikoto

Mayu Nozaki / Mikoto Mikoshiba


-So if you know me you may know that I love the part of 555 where it's Kei and Yuka falling in love over text but not realising it's each other in real life and all that nonsense

-Is the same

-I want them to fall in love over text and then one day learn the truth

-Also they're just a cute pair

Nozaki and Ken

Umetarou Nozaki / Ken Miyamae

-Nozaki loves Ken so much

-It's the completely ignored worship and desperation for praise

-Nozaki just Love❣

Char and Garma

Char Aznable / Garma Zabi

-..I have recently made a mistake

-No amount of knowing it has stopped me

-Sometimes you love murder, sometimes he's cute and you can... wait for a little

-And he goes to his family demanding to share a dorm with you

-And he wants you to serve under him

-maybe you like it


-What's a little murder between besties

-Char's never betrayed anyone, ever, in his life

-But I can pretend he cares

Shisui and Homurabi

Homurabi / Shisui

"This is the first time I can see you"





-Idiot soulmates

-Love each other and don't know how to handle things that aren't familiar to them

-So Clearly We Gotta Revolutionise The World

Ryuko and Shirogane

Ryuko / Shirogane

-Why are you trying to ruin our marriage Shirogane






-Thank you Ryuuko you're an angel we love that you brought us a dog

Nanaya and Akira

Nanaya / Akira Nikaido

"I knew you'd follow me"

-There's just something there.

-There's something about Akira who tries really hard to give this tough exterior but still got manipulated meeting this guy who is a little shit but is more in the know to highlight what people are doing

-It almost makes Akira his princess in a way (lol)

-And Akira seems to be more trusting of him because he's someone who seems actually interested in being honest with him and potentially got strung along before as well

-They're very similar and I think Akira should be his princess and then become his king

Lulu and Aya

Lulu / Aya Suzuno

"Don't worry, I'll fight on your behalf"

-I forgot what a perfect couple they are

-Lesbians that start off kicking the shit out each other but eventually gain respect for each other

-Lulu gains so much respect that she moves to their school

-Moves into Aya's room

-They have complimentary clothes

-And then Aya is protecting her when she's vulnerable

-They're just so perfect together

Graham and Zelik

Graham Gregson / Zelik Lindemann

-*deep breath*


-The OTP to end all OTPs

-Old married gays

-Carry him to the hospital and sit by his bed till he wakes up

-Tell him your plans

-Tell him he's not as bad as he thinks he is

-Matching Earrings and Dog Tags and Bags

-Kill For Him

Syal and Jim

Jim Cleeas / Syal Fineded

-Them Lesbians

-God adorable fucking blessed I love you you funky little lesbian

-Accidentally stabbing your gf because you panicked is no biggie she doesn't mind

-I love them look at them what a blessing

-Love my canon lesbian daughter god damn so much

Turkes and Ricalna

Turkes Verafoult / Ricalna Forde

-Ricalna there are many reasons you should not date a man who is quite possibly the exact same age as your father right down to the day

-But he's a chaos boy

-They get along really well as long as no terrorism is happening

-Good Cyborgs

Allen and Silas

Allen / Silas Andovaldo

-This is Dusky's fault

-Next time just place your bets on me

-Garbage and Also Garbage

-So Much Fucking Garbage

-You both deserved it

Miharu and Yoite

Miharu Rokujo / Yoite

A Little Heart Nya

-Tall boy

-So soft

-So Good

-So Sad

-Tip toe kisses (im not changing my mind that was a kiss)

Raikou and Gau

Raikou Shimizu / Gau Meguro

-Love is eating a mountain of wasabi

-Love is them having to have you killed by a punch to the stomach so they could hide the gay

-And live in a random tent together

-God I love them so damn much

Utena and Anthy

Utena Tenjou / Anthy Himemiya

-Fuck everyone all they do is save each other from a toxic environment

-They grow together and through that are able to recognise the system that is against them

-Fear of an abuser is what separates them

-Together they are unstoppable and that is what those in power fear

-And also they're teens and they're still figuring stuff out

-Utena has to learn not to fall in with the crowd because it will destroy the relationship she has with Anthy

-Anthy has to gain the power to stand up for herself

-They grow through each other and I get so mad about ppl trying to insist they're bad for each other

-As if Akio isn't right there being the source of everyone's problems

-How do you miss that Akio recognises that they're positive growth for each other

Touga and Saionji

Touga Kiryuu / Kyouichi Saionji

-You boys are so fucking stupid

-And also completely awful for each other

-Neither of you realise you life each other

-And actually probably would destroy the entire thing

-And I think that's beautiful

-Go be jealous

-Maybe one day you'll realise why you're jealous

Mikage and Mamiya

Souji Mikage / Mamiya Chida

-What's better than this, making your own boyfriend the rose bride


-I'm extremely upset I couldn't find a picture of him with the real Mamiya

-Part of what I love is Mamiya is the plainest boy in the entire series

-But Mikage treats him like the most beautiful person in the world

-And he'd have stayed trapped forever if it meant he could help Mamiya

-I wrote a whole piece on their relationship

Goto and Masayoshi

Hidenori Goto / Masayoshi Hazama

-True heroes

-Samurai Flamenco and Samurai Policeman

-The red and yellow flamengers

-Curry udon and curry rice



-Masayoshi is such a good boy

-Adorable blessed couple


Mari, Moe and Mizuki

Mari Maya / Moe Morita / Mizuki Misawa

-Poly Lesbian/Bi Idols

-Oh my god Girls you are a mess

-I feel we got a lot of good with their characters

-I feel for poor Moe every second

Midorikawa and Kuroki

Hekiru Midorikawa / Anji Kuroki

-My Good Sentai Boys

King Torture and Akira Konno

King Torture / Akira Konno

-This is consensual

-Big chaos energy and they can be evil together

-Just completely different kinds of evil

-I think it's what Konno deserves

Shiryu and Shura

Dragon Shiryu / Capricorn Shura

-Literally what the fuck happened here

-They had their whole battle together and their big moment

-Shura fingered Shiryu's tit wound

-Shiryu held Shura's titty tight and the blasted off into space together

-Shura realised the truth of everything too late to save Shiryu, so they're foced to die among the stars, holding tight to each other in their final moments, Shura wrapped in Shiryu's arms as he succumbs first

-Very romantic don't get me wrong

-Actually hold on we changed that late bit

-Shura died to let Shiryu return alive

-Then we have the Asgard arc and it's like






Hyoga and Crux Christ

Cygnus Hyoga / Crux Christ

-What's more romantic than this, being skewered together

-It is in Hyoga's nature to fall in love with literally every blond ever

-We can't stop him

-Therefore it should include the most vital character to the series; Crux Christ

-Technically, they're counterparts so that's something

-Hyoga how come you knew Christ was dead but not like. Anything at all about any of the other saints in the series. Sus if you ask me

Hyoga and Crux Christ

Hades / Pegasus Seiya

I'm not interested in Seiya/Shun tho

-This is about destiny

-This is about the destiny of the Pegasus saint to be the one that sparks something in Hades

-I want Seiya to reach out to them and for them to become entangled in something horrible that will span eternity

Orpheus and Shun

Lyra Orpheus / Andromeda Shun

-What's better than this, Shun and a recolour of himself

-Something horny was going on here

-It was the bondage

-He's fucked up and evil and loves Hell so naturally he's perfect for sweet baby Shun

-"I can fix him" "I can make him worse" couple

Mime and Ikki

Benetnasch Eta Mime / Phoenix Ikki

-We did it we recoloured Shun so many times that this one is just Esmeralda

-Ikki your dead wife has been revived!

-He even has (partially) the same backstory



-Mime I can't believe you fell for this man but I want nothing but the best for you both

-May you be reborn again, have the same backstory again, and may it work out this time

Marin and Shaina

Eagle Marin / Ophiuchus Shaina

-Law of the mask but I think they've seen each other without their masks

-The amount of time they spend leaning on each other

-All the dueling

-It's homoerotic

-And we're getting them out of their hetero laws

Marin and Shaina

Lizard Misty / Silver Saints

-I'm a silver saint and I'm here to avenge Lizard Misty (and the other guys)




-Lizard Misty out here recreating the Seattle Polycule with silver saints

Camus and Milo

Aquarius Camus / Scorpio Milo

-Where would we be without them

-Milo really out here able to follow the bullshit logic that flows through Camus's head

-And then goes "fuck it, say goodbye to your senses" anyway

-Won't kill you Hyoga, luckily you're the pupil of my boyfriend('s pupil) and that's the only reason. Oh, you're pushing it? Camus I'm gonna kill him, trust me I'm doing what's fair.

-But Milo sure did spend 90% of that "fight" justifying Camus's actions and why he could never possible be wrong

-Ultimate wife guy moments

Shaka and Saga

Virgo Shaka / Gemini Saga

-"Who's stronger-" They're dating. Topping isn't about strength.

-"Why did Shaka go along-" They're dating. He looked to Pope Ares to see if he was truly good and went "damn that pussy so good he can't be evil" and decided to follow him to Hades.

-Shaka is the man closest to God and to the Pope and it's because he's also close in a physical and biblical sense

-He's seeing Saga in the baths like 👀

-Man who fucks the pope and is still like "I'm Buddhist"

-They're working together because they're in love

-Saga's pretty little guy ❤

Kanon and Sorrento

Sea Dragon Gemini Kanon / Siren Sorrento

-Sorrento is so fucking fiercely loyal to him

-Only to get betrayed

-And he gets so bitchy about it

-Real time seeing a couple become shitty divorced exes

-But I think they should get back together and Sorrento can fix him by making him worse actually

-Sorrento can cause Villain Kanon phase 2 bby I believe in him!!

Yomo and Uta

Renji Yomo / Uta

"I can not live with you nor without you"

-Sometimes a somewhat evil clown imprinted on you and you gotta live with that

-Yomo is very tired

-Uta is only gonna listen to him and that's the content I thrive on

-"You tried to kill me but its chill"


Kaneki and Shuu

Ken Kaneki / Shuu Tsukiyama

"would you please not go?"

-RE is fake, apart from the 1 thing it did right it doesn't exist

-Oh Shuu you sweet mess

-He tries?? He really tries?? He's full of love and dedication

-and cannibalistic desire

-Kaneki getting a bit soft for him just,, I die

-Boyfriend Sense

Windy and Lightning

Lightning / Windy

-Instead of brain there is absolutely nothing

-Sometimes you're told the reason you're all doomed is your fault so you edit your bf so he won't feel the need to sacrifice you to [The Greater Good]

-The two rogue elements of duel monsters; War and Murder

-I'm just saying, there is 0 proof Windy was ever good

-It's incredibly unclear when he decided to up and murder the literal child that birthed him

-Windy is a child murderer who will not repent

-Windy is more extreme than Lightning

-So they belong together

Ryoken and Yusaku

Ryoken Kogami / Yusaku Fujiki

-This is tatsujun again actually you Can't change my mind

-I have severe brainrot

-Ferris: Yes I'm Leaving On This Ship Do Not Notice That I'm Following You

-Everything I can say about them is summed up in "this is tatsujun" please fucking help me

-Yusaku really be like I've spent my whole life in love with this kid I only met through an incredibly traumatic experience

Yami Bakura and Marik

Yami Bakura / Marik Ishtar



-I'm dumb I love this

-Marik stop backseat gaming then insisting you don't know what duel monsters is when you fuck up

Shion and Nezumi

Shion / Nezumi


-When your poor mother is putting up with you whispering a guys name under your breath for 4 years

-Chaotic teen couple that knows they have a lot of work to do

-Because holy fuck they really are dumb teenagers

-Actually decide to put in that work even if it means they gotta wait a bit longer

-So good

Ageha and Yuki

Ageha / Yuki Shirakawa


-I don't remember much of Di[e]ce but these two were important

-Yuki got fucking snubbed by everyone

-Least Ageha was looking out for him

-Ageha strong love for this boy

-Sorry Yuki, I know he's not the kamen rider you wanted to marry but he's still good

Hizumi and Ayumu

Ayumu Narumi / Hizumi Mizushiro

Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning

-God/Devil ship

-To this day I will defend Hizumi is an angel

-Hell y'all don't wanna hear my Spiral theories (most are about what a fucked up cult Kiyotaka started)

-Sweet boy will eat your expired yoghurt

-Push your sister's wheelchair

-Actively tries to improve Ayumu's life

-Ayumu is the only one who gives him a chance

Tiger and Bunny

Barnaby Brooks Jr. / Kotetsu T. Kaburagi

Tiger and Bunny

-I am the easiest person to bait ever

-I will grab anything even remotely shipbait-y

-And I think it's time for Bunny to be Kaede's other dad

Kaworu and Shinji

Kaworu Nagisa / Shinji Ikari

Neon Genesis Evangelion
"I really was born to meet you"

-Getting to go to the UK 3.0 premiere is a treasured memory

-[German dub voice] COWVOHO

-The entire episode is weirdly comforting and leads into the finale very well

-3.0+1.0 was everything I wanted

-I want Kaworu to be able to be his own person as well as loving Shinji

-SFX me crying at 1am over Evangelion

Shin and Bon

Sukeroku "Shin" Yurakutei / Yakumo "Bon" Yurakutei

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju

-Hands up is the ending of this fucking anime was a pointless plot twist that just leaves a sour taste after a show that was otherwise extremely good

-Their Joint Rakugo

-Bon we gotta talk about the choices you made

-Better parents than her actual mother still

Pariston and Ging

Ging Freecss / Pariston Hill

Hunter x Hunter


-And also like, Pariston is Gon's other dad


-These are Gon's biological parents

-And they're both awful and complete deadbeats

Ryo and Akira

Ryo Asuka / Akira Fudou


-(Worlds longest yeaaaa boyyyy)

-Best thing Dusky has purchased at a church Fayre

-So many years

-Oh of course it's my old friend Ryo

-(My Good Friend)

-Ryo astral projecting as Akira keeps doing this

Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang

Cheng Xiaoshi / Lu Guang

Link Click

-Like they're just dating that's the thing

-What's better than this, a couple with matching powers

-Even when they're upset with each other they'll care for each other

-They just complete each other

-I think they should get married actually

Sorawo and Toriko

Sorawo Kamikoshi / Toriko Nishina

Otherside Picnic

-This anime should get more attention I love these lesbians

-The best way to get a girlfriend is to take her monster hunting

-But Sorawo is the peak "get out of my school" lesbian

-Toriko head over heels for her but Sorawo just thinks it's one-sided and GIRL

-Matching powers

-I love the difficulty of Sorawo having to compare herself to Toriko's ex-crush and Toriko having to reflect on if she is projecting her onto Sorawo

Grimmer and Tenma

Wolfgang Grimmer / Kenzo Tenma


-Let them have a picnic

-Let them relax

-They've done so much for everyone

-They need time for themselves

-Too kind and soft and good

-Hurts my heart

-If you havent read/watched monster do it it even got a good dub

Adam and Langa

Ainosuke "Adam" Shindo / Langa Hasegawa

-Adam loves him so much

-And like... Langa ain't saying no, he's not not interested

-He cares about Adam and I think they could develop something

-Adam just wants to be a loving husband, cuddle with his little snowbunny in the morning and make him lunches

-Langa is just a great balance

Griffith and Guts

Griffith / Guts


-If these two like talked about their feelings, Berserk would be a really short manga

-Instead, they're both mentally trapped at 14 and unable to grow and change

-And talking about their feelings is a threat to their power and/or masculinity

-So now Berserk will never be finished, rest in peace Miura

-But God the scene in the films when Griffith and Guts see each other across the room and make that face like

-That's the most in love I have ever seen a character look

-And I can't stop thinking about it.


Luò Bīnghé and Shěn Qīngqiū

Luò Bīnghé / Shěn Qīngqiū


-You fucked up idiot

-You made him adore you more than anything in the world

-The whole world may perish for your sake

-You made your bed and he's gonna make you lie in it

-I can't turn down a blood-thirsty boy that obsesses over his teacher

-And, well, we've seen the extremes he'll go to

-I think we should just let him

Mòběi Jūn and Shàng Qīnghuá

Mòběi Jūn / Shàng Qīnghuá


-SQH got up and just made his own fuckable blue ultraman and still was like wait what

-SQH just like oh yea if you want a guy to like you just be the clingiest, wettest, most pathetic thing they've ever seen and Mobei-Jun is behind him like wow so he really liked me back this whole time :]

-Despite Mobei-Jun's idea of showing affection being beat him three times a day

-SQH doesn't seem to have a problem with that so congrats on your 24/7 BDSM relationship we guess

Xuē Yáng and Xiǎo Xīngchén

Xuē Yáng / Xiǎo Xīngchén



-Accidentally getting picked up by your mortal enemy and slowly falling in love with him

-Can't bear to have him leave your side, whether he's okay with it or not

-Killing everyone in a desperate attempt to force him back to you

-Killing together with him to get rid of all the people who dared shit talk him

-Clinging to the last gift from him with such devotion


Mò Rán and Chǔ Wǎnníng

Mò Rán / Chǔ Wǎnníng


-I'm obsessed with Taxian-Jun's relationship to CWN

-'Oh I hate him so much' took care of him when he got sick, got jealous when someone looked at him for more than 2 seconds, married him, cuddled him and gave him gentle kisses in his sleep, was terrified of losing him

-(Despite killing him)

-Made people eat their own eyes for daring to look at CWN

-Scolded him in that mock angry way that just comes across as so loving and like he genuinely just wanted him to take better care of himself

-Not to mention the scenting, MR would be so into omegaverse


Draxum and Splinter

Baron Draxum / Master Splinter


-You are my daaaaads. You're my dads! Boogie Woogie Woogie!

-Draxum like I am feeling such a normal way about this man (I want to keep him in a little cage)

-Absolutely terrible proposal

-But now they have kids

-And it's time that Draxum stopped being an accidental deadbeat to make up for all the time Splinter spent also being a deadbeat

-Coming out their deadbeat dad era together

-They're still acting like they got divorced but they've only started dating

-They'll make it work (unhappily)

Hypno and Warren

Hypno-Potamus / Warren Stone


-They just went and started dating off screen

-And I couldn't be happier for them

-Congrats on finding each other and using that relationship to move on from your hatred of the teetlez

-Congrats to Hypno on getting Just A Little Guy

-Now you can be dumb boyfriends together


Wright and Edgeworth

Phoenix Wright / Miles Edgeworth

"Thanks to you, I am saddled with unnecessary... feelings."

-Please don't talk about my husband, he's pretending to be dead

-And also is accusing himself of murder

-Please stop flirting this is a courtroom

-You two are a disaster

Klavier and Apollo

Klavier Gavin / Apollo Justice


-This is what flirting looks like

Koike "Ike-P" Tomoya and Izuru Minezawa

Koike "Ike-P" Tomoya / Izuru Minezawa

-Koike, you're so obsessed with him and how handsome he is, why not just ask him out?

-No Koike, that's a note that says "get out of my school"

-The thing is Izuru would either not understand your interest or would just turn you down because he turns everyone down

-Did they ever explain why Izuru knew his name

-But God thank you Koike for looking after him and helping him to buy socks

-Help him pick out a whole outfit then ask him to coffee

-Then do this a load of times 'till you're like oh we're dating and he's like "we're what?"

-I think they could just have an amazing dynamic

-And Izuru is looking for someone who isn't interested in him; Ike-P constantly seems pissed by his existence

Female Protagonist and Ayana Amamoto

Female Protagonist / Ayana Amamoto

-Sometimes it's valid to be a man-hating lesbian that is also heterophobic

-And you deserve the cute girl you're into

-"Ma'am this is my emotional support club president"

-"She's here to protect me from mostly Eiji"

Shadow Knife and Kotaro Tomoe

Daiki "Shadow Knife" Yamada / Kotaro Tomoe

-Personally, would be when Kotaro is older but

-They both have such a strong sense of justice

-And are such otaku

-And Kotaro cares for him and wants to give him a chance

-Shadow Knife has such a sweet heart, he could really benefit from someone like Kotaro

-And Kotaro gets someone on his side

μ and Aria

μ / Aria

-I just think they're lesbians

-What are female vocaloids if not massive lesbians

-And I like how much they care for each other even when they have a difference of opinions

-They truly want what they believe is best for each other

Thorn and Shogo

Shogo Satake / Thorn (Natusume Asuka)


-Everything between them is extremely fucked up

-Thorn just wants to dedicate everything to torturing Shogo and making his life a misery

-It's the shared trauma :]

-They can't even find comfort in each other because Thorn wants to make his life a living Hell but just. How far will she go?

-How far will she take this and her view of their relationship

-Cock wouldn't fix Asuka but it can't make him worse.

Zhongli and Xiao

Zhongli / Xiao

-Height difference...

-Demon and God pwaese pwease pwease

-The love, the care, looking out for him

Arataki Itto and Gorou

Arataki Itto / Gorou

-Height difference... again...

-Big oni man and cute puppy boy

-Look all of these are shallow as fuck get used to it

Hitori and Kazuaki


Hitori Uzune / Kazuaki Nanaki

-Wanna see some fucked up little birds

-Cause these birds are FUCKED

-Holy shit Hitori everything about you is bad what the fuck

-There's nothing good in this relationship and it'll never be healthy

-But sometimes you're gonna watch two birds suffer

Shuu and Ryuuji


Ryuuji Kawara / Shuu Iwamine

-Oh to monopolise him

-Ryuuji is a very bad man and Shuu wanting to monopolise him is just reaping what he sows

-I think about the Hawk Party manga so much

-And Shuu becoming absorbed in his work to drown out the pain of losing the person he loved

-And how he'd probably have been happy to go with Ryuuji



-This is my kinda ship dynamic tho

-Delicious roast turkey

N and Black

N / Black

-Black Adventures fans raise your hands

-Baby me getting my copy of Black and playing through right at that sexuality starting to hit and oh boy ferris wheel with N

-Every interaction with N tbh

-And then I read Black Adventures and my heart for this ship has never recovered

Koga and Surge

Lt. Surge / Koga

-I have a weakness for dads with beefy bfs

-And they were Team Rocket admins together in the manga

-I name my venonats after this ship...

Red and Green

Red / Green

-Or Blue I don't fucking know anymore

-Congratulations on your honeymoon boys

-Green gets more flamboyant with every appearance and Red's here to support that

-He has to have the flamboyance for the both of them

Wallace and Steven

Wallace / Steven Stone

-Oh you know

-The Hoenn region is just plagued by their gay champions

-The art gay and the science gay

Leon and Raihan

Leon / Raihan

-What's better than this, rivals being rivals

-If you're rivals for more than 5 years, you automatically start dating

-And Leon has never made it to a single date on time

Silver and Gold

Gold / Silver

-Hello this is my boyfriend, he steals pokemon

-And his dad is fucked

-But he's mine now (tho he's very tsundere about it)

-Precious (ha)

Falkner and Morty

Morty / Falkner

-It's cute

-What's better than this

Volkner and Flint

Volkner / Flint

-Go grab your incredibly depressed friend out of his State

-So You Two Gonna Use Your Main Typing Or What

-Neither of you are responsible, you just share a braincell

Maxie and Archie

Maxie / Archie

-If you ever wanted to see two characters who lack a functioning brain between them

-But somehow managed to fund some weird shit about flooding the place or setting off volcanos

-You're both so fucking stupid you deserve each other

-I'm sorry, Tabitha, you have to be able to do better than this.

Tatsuya and Jun

Tatsuya Suou / Jun Kashihara (née Kurosu)

Persona 2

-First off this is my son and I support him

-Eat his shoulder kiddo

-I only have eyes for Jun


-I love them so much

Akinari and Sudou

Tatsuya Sudou / Akinari Kashihara

Persona 2

-I will not be taking questions at this time

-But like, Sudou was crushing hard on his sensei

-And understandable because God his life was a mess

-and he was being tormented by a literal eldritch God

-But no one believes you when you try to tell them that

-Unless they misdiagnose you with hearing aliens; then they'll care a whole lot

-I think about (and amazing happened to buy a doujin of the same idea) Sudou meeting Nyarlathotep and being like... you're not my sensei. Why is no one noticing you're not him

-And even without Akinari, he loves Jun so much

-Also Akinari was not happy in his marriage in thi-

Anna and Noriko

Anna Yoshizaka / Noriko Katayama

Persona 2

-Wow these sure are sisters, we definitely don't need to change any of the dialogue to reflect that

-Persona 2 thank you for my lesbians

-Anna deserves a nice girlfriend that loves her after her previous shit

-Also Anna and Tatsuya be like wlw|mlm solidarity


Philemon and Nyarlathotep

Philemon / Nyarlathotep

Persona 2

-You know they were

-Evil boyfriends that destroy the world together

-Isn't that what you want in a relationship

Hitoshura and Isamu

Demi-Fiend / Isamu Nitta

Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne

-This is self-indulgent garbage

-Isamu, I will give you whatever world you desire

-Even if it means never meeting again, Demi-Fiend will serve him until the end

-That's romance, especially when you're a half-demon

Nahobino and Aogami

Nahobino / Aogami

Shin Megami Tensei V

-It's the body sharing - soul sharing bait

-Aogami you're literally the only person I trust in this fucked up world

-Everyone else will abandon me

-But you're literally trapped here :]

Atsuta and Koshimizu

Yuzuru Atsuta / Hayao "Tsukuyomi" Koshimizu

Shin Megami Tensei V

-This entire game is based on soulmates tbh

-Well, boy, if you're gonna be fiercely loyal to this guy you may as well stick it in him

-Least he's no longer with the military but he is the prime minister so not sure what's worse

Minato and Ryoji

Ryoji Mochizuki / Minato Arisato

Persona 3

-A million Aigis fans crawl of the wood works ready to kill me

-Why don't you like aigis they chant

-Why do you hate women they chant

-Why can't you just be good and ship Minato/Aigis like we demand

-But I continue to be contrary and do this shit

-Minato have gremlin

-Because he loves you and doesn't want you to be happy until the end of the world

Serph and Heat

Serph / Heat

Digital Devil Saga & Quantum Devil Saga

-Heat be like, grabs Serph and holds him against the wall, begging him to freeze him

-Like okay you freak

-"Oh Serph, please eat me"

-Serph just gonna stare at his massive tiddies anyway

-I unlocked Heat entirely by accident

-I love them though their cannibal energy is just so good

O'Brien and Sheffield

Serph Sheffield / Heat O'Brien

Digital Devil Saga

-Hehe I'm just a fucked up little guy! Come get some, O'Brien

-O'Brien walking away as fast as possible

-Then walking back to kill him but it's too late

-Handcuff THIS

-Look we all know it happened

Roland and Adil

Roland / Adil

Digital Devil Saga

-Adil, please look after this man

-I may never forgive him, but please look after him

-I'm asking too much but still

Lupa and Gale

Lupa / Gale

Digital Devil Saga

-Gale wanna remove your eyes from his ass for two seconds


-Just gonna stare at it this entire section

-Two dads and a son

-they don't... know what a son is mind you

-Gave him a ring, don't know what marriage is

Jinana and Argilla

Jinana / Argilla

Digital Devil Saga

-They're such good lesbians

-That get to bond over first discovering feelings

-And what those feelings mean to them

Naoya and Abel

Kazuya "Abel" Minegishi / Naoya

Devil Survivor

-More Importantly, Accept This Gift

-Naoya is so strong on letting Abel lead everything

-Just wont do anything against Abel

-Manga Abel: Cool I'm moving in with you. You can tell my parents : )

-They're just extremely domestic

Joker and Goro

Joker / Goro Akechi

Persona 5

-Joker knows Goro is Wife City, he's the most Wife City man to ever Wife City

-Thesis and Anti-thesis, who sides of the same coin

-Taking Goro on all these dates and him just oversharing completely

-Only to suddenly clam up when he's in a position that Joker can actually see his persona and oversharing like that could be dangerous

-Make your vows boys

-And this world ain't worth living in if you're not with me

Joshua and Neku

Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryu / Neku Sakuraba

-They're ~Partners~

-Joshua is the most weenie baby so know what Neku you earned him

-Pink and Blue couple.... or rainbow and blue because Joshua needs you to know he's gay

-Joshua is the guy who bullies his crush but also wakes up every day and chooses violence

-Neku is going to bite him

-Joshua is the best partner in the game-

Eri and Shiki Misaki

Eri / Shiki Misaki

-I think it would be really cute if they kissed

-When you're just learning you're lesbian like "do I wanna be her or do I wanna kiss her"

Akira Kozuka and Shoutarou Kagome

Akira Kozuka / Shoutarou Kagome

Gao Gao

-They're just so perfectly cute and fluffy

-And Shoutarou's little rawrs 😭

-They're just another lot of Devilman and I love that for them

-The Icarus plushie on the shrine too

-And Shoutarou chomping his hat while thinking about Akira

-Then when Akira writes his hentai manga bc he loves his boyfriend...

-They're just so Cute

-Akira loves him so so much just adores his little guy would do anything for him

-Shoutarou meanwhile like wow it's Akira Devilman I love Akira Devilman

-But he loves him so much just 🥺

-And Akira got his pyjamas tattooed on him what a dweeb

Suzu Isshiki and Shirou Choutsugai

Suzu Isshiki / Shirou Choutsugai


-First off, Isshiki is so perfect and hot and literally has everything going for him its unreal

-And Shirou fucking finished law school and turned round and went well I wanna spend my life taking photos of my wife so fuck being a lawyer I'm gonna be a photographer and it literally had his grandfather cursing him on his deathbed but he still did it because he wanted to have so many photos of his beautiful wife and can you blame him????

-And Isshiki kept his ring and wore it from the day it actually fit him because he loved Shirou

-Literally Shirou not recognising him, curshing him out in his bar and Isshiki like "Shirou, honey, drink some water and maybe you'll calm down"

-Shirou is so hard-headed but at the end of the day he'd die for his wife. He'd do anything for Isshiki. He'll live, he'll die, he'll dig up a grave.

-Isshiki just telling him what a good boy he is and Shirou crying on him because God he dreamed of this day and he wants his wife more than anything.

-My Brain Fucking Suffers Under Them

-I like to say Shirou has no redeeming qualities but like, he does. His redeeming quality is he's a wife guy. He adores his wife more than anything. No one deserves his wife who's so amazing. Ignore how he's insulting him and talking shit. Only he's allowed to do that, he'll kill you if you try it.

-Isshiki is the nation's wife. He's just so perfect

-And adores his husband and will destroy everything to right a wrong done to Shirou

-Even though he doesn't think Shirou will ever love him but Shirou loves him so much. He loves him more than anyone in the world.

-Like everything Shirou did with his life was for his Belle. He wanted to take Isshiki's photos forever because he was worth every reel of film

-My guy dragged a man to court, was ready to dig up corpses, got himself hospitalised, all cause he wanted to right the wrong done to his wife

-They're exactly alike ❤

Yomi Hibarino and Juurou Sayashi

Yomi Hibarino / Juurou Sayashi

"Don't run away, okay?"

-Juurou is down fucking Bad

-But the reality is Yomi is just as bad

-Yomi just wants Juurou to be a hero

-And Juurou just wanted to be wrecked by a massive alien with eyes like the night sky

-Well done, Yomi. You spent so long trying to push him away that he turned into a yandere, clinging to you even when you rip all his limbs off

-Juurou just,, loves him so much

-And Yomi loves him but knows he'll get hurt so wants to pretend it's not happening so he can pretend he'll be okay

-And then just has to give in anyway

-The colour blue is only keeping this world alive a little; without Juurou it is doomed

-Yomi's love language is food and anything disrupting that is so upsetting for him 😭

-And him wanting the rice cooker while Juurou is silently worrying about how Yomi's talent is frying electronics in record time

-But their little domestic life; Juurou writing his poems and Yomi being his loving housewife

-Juurou would move Heaven and Hell to make Yomi happy

-And Yomi fears losing him more than anything

Henry Townshend and Walter Sullivan

Henry Townshend / Walter Sullivan

Silent Hill 4: The Room

-This was one of my childhood ships

-There is no greater romance than with the weird undead cultist that lives in your walls

-Leaves dead things in your fridge

-Locks you in

-And needs to be kept at bay with holy candles

-That should be what we are all aiming for. Just saying.

Hajime Hinata and Nagito Komaeda

Hajime Hinata / Nagito Komaeda

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

-Hinata is Komaeda's bimbo bf

-Like Hinata is smart(er than Naegi) but Komaeda is so leagues ahead that he just makes Hinata his bimbo bf

-But the lying disease, Komaeda practically begging "I love you, don't leave me"

-But Hinata is stupid, he can't even work out that that's what Komaeda is saying

-Also God the mood of Komaeda being so into talents and hope and THIS is who he falls for

-You fool you played yourself

Flick and CJ

CJ / Flick

Animal Crossing

-They're ~Partners~

-CJ giving you relationship advice; suspicious if he's not in a relationship

-And they were roommates

-And shared a holiday home

-And their parents know

-Nintendo screw your fucking neck in

Balan and Lance

Balan / Lance

Balan Wonderworld

-Yo those gay ppl real

-These theatre kids are a fucking mess but they're theatre kids so what do you expect

-Your therapist and your second - evil - therapist

-Fight your boyfriend in choreography sky battle

Protagonist and Shinya

Protagonist (Vanity) / Shinya Yuda


-Shinya is so desperate to be loved. He needs it so badly.

-And he falls against Vanity and I think Vanity should be allowed to fill that for him.

-Let him be codependent-

-Shinya's fucking heartbreak when Vanity "dies"

-Just let him have that comfort

-Also absolute self indulgence just look at him-

Live Action

KIZZY and Kaito

KIZZY / Kaito


-Look I'm not immune to their marriage

-Kaito just loves his wife and his wife is going to push every other girl out the way

Yamato Asahina and Chiharu

Yamato Asahina / Chiharu

-I just want them sharing a motorcycle

-Yamato just picked up this guy and can carry him everywhere right

-Serious homophobia that they stopped being put together

Hayato and Taki

Hayato Ichimonji / Kazuya Taki


-Disaster squad!

-Chaotic Good boyfriends

-Sure you throw yourself at those cactuses, ill sit here and laugh at you

-You ever meet a boy and just kinda forget you have a wife all together and tell him you have no family

-I just assume it wasnt a real wife

Hayato and Amazon

Amazon / Hayato Ichimonji

1971 and Amazon

-We guess this happened in some form of a canon

-Hayato is just weak for a man in fringe

Shiro and Yuki

Joji Yuki / Shiro Kazami


-Ah Metal Husband

-Shiro might not have a brain but he does have oxygen in his lungs

Ichijou and Godai

Yusuke Godai / Kaoru Ichijou





-"He seems happier has he got a girlfriend"

-"What? No. Anyway, here's Godai-"

-Ichijo went to a wedding, stood up front and started talking about Godai Yusuke

-Ichijo canonly woke Godai from a nightmare at 6am

Chouno and Tsubaki

Chouno Junichi / Tsubaki Shuuichi


-Gifts you a Knife

-Show... Corpse

-Is this what flirting looks like


-Force Chouno to take care of himself

-Support his art and look after him

-Chouno, please look after this bi disaster

Kino and Majima

Kaoru Kino / Koji Majima


-You all knew this was coming, this is the most me ship

-Majima try crushing harder

-This... is cute I like this

-Help make him be a less edgy boy and work out what he's doing with his life

Ren and Shinji

Ren Akiyama / Shinji Kido


-Rare multishipping from Graham

-Their development is so much

-Rider Time fucking destroyed me

-They're extremely different ppl and bicker so much

-They're an old married couple and fated to be so across timelines

-They want to bicker without fighting

Tezuka and Ren

Miyuki Tezuka / Ren Akiyama


-Apparently I'm slamming that rare pair juice

-"Ren, have you considered you might like guys" "FUCK YOU I'M NOT TAKING THE GAY STAIRS"

-Oh No...

-There's understanding from similar experiences but in reality their experiences are different causing them to have different goals

-mmmm really good dynamic together

-Im soft

Tezuka and Jun

Jun Shibaura / Miyuki Tezuka


-Wow Mr Inoue your brain is so big thank you for your genius

-They bummed in Kamen Rider

-Mr Inoue went specifically for my taste

-Jun saw him and went "I can make him worse :)"

-And it was interesting to put some perspective on how much Tezuka's past made him the person he was and that removing that allows him to be someone completely different

-Mr Inoue your brain is so big-

Shinji and Shiro

Shiro Kanzaki / Shinji Kido


-This started as a crack ship but now I'm in too deep

-Like it started with oh they're a dragon and a phoenix that's couple thing

-And then it's like oh they have similar goals but they don't see eye to eye on method

-And then you got that Kobayashi said every time loop they do, Shinji will end up one of the riders no matters what Shiro does

-And I'm so weak for time loop crap

Kitaoka and Goro

Shuichi Kitaoka / Goro Yura


-If you've watched Ryuki you know

-This is Kitaoka's "secretary", that lives with him in their 1 bedroom house, isn't paid, just shares his bank account, cooks for him, was compared to his exfiance, etc etc etc

-This is just the fact of Ryuki

Kagawa Sensei and Tojo

Hideyuki Kagawa / Satoru Tojo

"You were the most important person in my life, that's why I had to give you up"


-Tojo's entire focus is on having to give up what he loves so he can be a hero

-So he has to give up sensei because he loves him

-Even though sensei had the nerve to take him to dinner with his wife and kid, can you imagine


-And then Destwilder starts targetting couples? It's not a coincidence!

-Tojo dies because of his love for Kagawa

-And that's what finally makes him a hero

Yuji and Takumi

Yuji Kiba / Takumi Inui


-Extremely conflicted about this animal; the whores

-When you were outted against your will and forced into queer society but the guy you wanna date is too closeted to date

-So you'll sit 5 feet apart Pining

-But then he calls you to tell you he'd like to wash your underwear

-And then some homophobe starts shit

Yuka and Keitarou

Yuka Osada / Keitaro Kikuchi



-Wasn't big on this entire love pentagon but the pining not knowing they know each other irl was stellar

-But Inoue Be Inoue

-They're also just so soft and cute

Hell Brothers

Sou Yaguruma / Shun Kageyama


-These are some dumb emos

-They love each other so much

-Jealous Punch is a blessing

-You're barely even plot relevant you're mostly here to be weird gays

-They're together

-I have a whole folder of just these two, I love them so much

-I wrote an entire essay on Punch

-And how they improve each other through their relationship

Ryoutarou and Momotaros

Momotaros / Ryoutarou Nogami


-Toei: He's not a monster fucker


-Soft boy love that rough boy, rough boy loves him so much

-They're just that "extrovert vs introvert meme"

-Ryoutarou could have made Momotaros look like anything and he chose this

Urataros and Kintaros

Kintaros / Urataros


-Ryuta's dads

-What's better than this, reeling in a whole ass bear

-Bear-Twink relationship just chef's kiss

Teddy and Kotaro

Teddy / Kotaro Nogami


-Kotaro is a brat but he genuinely loves Teddy so much

-And Teddy gave him a love charm and they're in love and-

-Kotaro, hearing someone talk about their grandma dying: damn that's just like me and my boyfriend

-Teddy is very literally what keeps Kotaro alive

Tsukasa and Daiki

Daiki Kaito / Tsukasa Kadoya


-No actually they're a good couple and my brain is so big you're the fool

-This is the petty jealous ex boyfriend content I needed

-"Pffftt what I'm over hi- GOD PLEASE TSUKASA I LOVE YOU"

-Tsukasa is into it

-Someone link me the backstory for when they were actually dating

-Bastards try to out bastard each other

-Daiki just wants to treat him to some delicious sea cucumber

Shoutarou and Philip

Shoutarou Hidari / Philip


-True love is the ability to astral project into your boyfriend

-One and only partner

-Sometimes a gremlin comes into your house, drinks your vinegar, feeds you human flesh, calls you half boiled, and you fall in love with him all the same

-He prefers legs

Ankh and Eiji

Eiji Hino / Ankh





-Chaotic couple

-But they hold so much love for each other

-Eiji loves Ankh as long as he doesn't have to like look directly at him or hear him say things

-Ankh put in a lot of effort for keeping Eiji from destroying himself and cared about him even though they like to bully each other

Date and Goto

Akira Date / Shintaro Goto

Some Delicious Pineapple

-Imagine fucking up killing a guy so bad you fall in love with him

Makoto and Alain

Alain / Fukami Makoto


-Love is when you can possess someone actually

-Alain learned what a boyfriend was and it was Makoto

-The possessive energies

-Makoto is protective of this gremlin

-I met them in the pac man movie and knew from that second that "ah so they're gay"


Kuroto Dan / Parad


-Chaos together

-The world is doomed


-Is murder bad if he's into it

-"So like is the pac man mask sexy or"

-Kuroto spoils him and I dont think he notices this

Kiriya and Emu

Kiriya Kujou / Emu Hojo


-Tiny man puts arm out constantly to protect cute intern

-Ride him

-Realising you genuinely like him and you don't like lying to him

-Chaotic boyfriends who think its funny to call Kuroto God and give each other that look

-Emu is so fucking upset without him

-Hate Banana

Taiga and Hiiro

Hanaya Taiga / Hiiro Kagami


-"Little Prince" "Unlicensed Doctor"

-Hiiro that's not very romantic

-Taiga just *clenches fist* loves him so much

-But god damn Taiga sometimes he's a little shit

-Taiga gives him so much

-Hiiro is... slow

-Slowly coming round to fall for this one

Game Hiiro and Utsusemimaru

Game Hiiro / Utsusemimaru

Ex-Aid and Kyoryuger

-Finally a good version of Hiiro

-Utchy just heard the word "Brave" and fell in love on the spot

-Utchy is such a strong positive force he can only do good

Kiriya and Graphite

Graphite / Kiriya Kujou


-Maybe the big dragon that's been saddled with emotional issues that are not his own needs love too

-Did you ever consider that

-And maybe the guy to do that also has had issues fitting with others because of connected incidents

-So he should get a hot dragon bf

Mamoru and Haruka

Mamoru / Haruka Mizusawa


-Borger Boyfriends

-Ability Unlock; Moon Jump; Fast Travel To Mamoru's Location

-Ride or die for that mole

-When you see a cute boy eat a people and decide if he eats people then it's ok

-Nervous new boyfriends

-Clingy Mamoru

-Understand each other and are good

Jun and Ryuusuke

Maehara Jun / Ootaki Ryuusuke


-They're in love

-Share a blanket ass to elbow

-Jun's voice crack

-Ryuusuke only recognises Jun in the midst of everything before he loses it agian and

-(this also happens with mamo and haru)

-Playing chess together in the back of a van/while doing shots

Fuku and Shidou

Fukuda Kouta / Shidou Makoto


-Team Dads

-A family trying so hard to keep things together

-Mutual understanding

-So much support for each other and fears and just so much

-Make your husband agree to your son's terms of work

Jin and Nanaha

Jin Takayama / Nanaha Izumi


-They're so cute and season 2 doesn't exist

-Get you a girl that let's you live like Jin does

-Just hands him eggs and watches him doing whatever the fuck it is he does

Chihiro and Hiroki

Chihiro / Hiroki Nagase


-I don't have to justify myself to anyone

-Which is good cause I can't justify this

-Please don't tell people how I live

Sougo and Woz

Sougo Tokiwa / Woz


-Woz is time travelling using nothing but his own horny energy

-"What an amazing coincidence I meet you here your majesty" "This is my bed"

-Sougo making a note to make horny on main illegal

-But Sougo lives on support for him being our evil overlord

-And in the end Sougo is a manipulative little fucker that thrives on using Woz

-He's a complete bastard and Woz is his not-so-loyal retainer

Sougo and Heure

Sougo Tokiwa / Heure


-Mr Inoue, I'm sorry I ever doubted you

-This was fucking inspired

-The pink and blue

-Looking back at their interactions through the series


-It wasn't even just Inoue, the ending of the original show seemed like Heure was interested in Sougo

-And Sougo remade the world and decided "I think that cute villain boy should be in love with me"

-Sougo likes him~

Daimon and Reiji

Daimon Tatsumi / Eiji "Reiji" Nagase

KyuKyu Sentai GoGov

-I'm weak and it's cute

-Daimon faced with like at least 5 opportunities to just arrest Reiji but never does

-Sometimes you just want a shitty thief boyfriend

-And you just want good things for him despite the fact he's a complete brat

Shou and Big Douser

Shou Tatsumi / Big Douser

KyuKyu Sentai GoGov

-I think this is the height of things that deserve rights

-Shou should be allowed to date this big robot

-He loves it so much

-If Liner Boy can have a full formed personality, why not Big

-Shou punched Nagare over this making it the most important

Matoi and Kudo

Matoi Tatsumi / Yuji Kudo

KyuKyu Sentai GoGov

-Awful man comes back from NY to kick Matoi's ass physically and also in an eating contest

-Just so he can ask him to join him and be his partner

-And also shoot an imp just to help out bc he refuses to be second in anything

-I Think They're Cute

Matsuri and Denus

Matsuri Tatsumi / Evil Spirit Princess Denus

KyuKyu Sentai GoGov

-Maybe we deserve lesbian villain/hero ships

-Because they're cool

-Matsuri on the other side of the room like "I CAN SEE YOU DENUS"

Tatsuya and Ayase

Tatsuya Asami / Ayase

Mirai Sentai Timeranger

-The tender got to me

-Tatsuya worries so much for him and it's sweet

-Ayase is willing to die in exchange for more time with Tatsuya

-Your boy goes hard

-Despite not being able to handle Tatsuya loving him

-Let them be together you cowards

Domon and Honami

Domon / Honami Moriyama

Mirai Sentai Timeranger

-The hets got to me

-Unfortunately, they were really cute

-It was just a cute romantic subplot

-And I liked that he was so head over heels for her

-But also was scared of that fact that he'd someday have to leave her and didn't know if he could take that heartache

-Also fucking Hell Gokaiger break my heart

Yousuke and Ikkou

Ikkou Kasumi / Yousuke Shiina

Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger

-Double Red (well he's crimson that's a red)

-The dumbest of their respective schools probably

-Yosuke just clings to him like a fucking koala

-Ikkou tries to flirt but Yosuke is dumb and thinks they're having a big dick contest

Mikoto and Ryouga

Ryouga Hakua / Mikoyo Nakadai

Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger

-Mai has two hands, one for each dad

-This is a murder man we have to force into being a regular person

-He'd rather just get Ryoga in on the murder

-Which he wont do because he's a sweet dad

-Opposites attract

-And attract my heart

Long and Leo

Long / Rio

Juken Sentai Gekiranger

-Long be like I think I will have a fucked up and complex relationship with this little lion boy

-I'll constantly manipulate him into being what I want

-And in a thousand years, I will do the same to him all over again

-That's fucked up and oooooooo

Sosuke and Renn

Sosuke Esumi / Renn Kousaka

Engine Sentai Go-Onger

-This is my husband, he can make omelette and nothing else but I still treat him like a world class chef

-This is my husband, sometimes he goes into a wild panic if he thinks one of our babies is leaving home


Gunpei and Hant

Gunpei Ishihara / Hant Jou

Engine Sentai Go-Onger

-Yes mum, I have a girlfriend, it's Hant in a dress instead of any of the available girls

-Soft green and black team

-They're both such idiot disasters they can't be trusted to anything

-Have to share a brain cell between them and the rest of the team

Miu and Saki

Miu Sutou / Saki Rouyama

Engine Sentai Go-Onger

-Excuse me my car has a crush on your plane so that means we're dating how dare you walk away you think you can just dump us

-Smike for courage and love

-Best idols in toku

Basco and Marv

Basco ta Jolokia / Captain Marvelous

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

-Oh no, Marvey-chan, it's me your evil and incredibly sexy ex

-Marv I think you should give into him-

-I mean he'll only ever betray you but

-He'll be incredibly sexy while doing it

-I think Marv deserves an evil boyfriend

-He has too many good people in his life, he should date someone completely fucked up about evil

Sid Bamick and Joe Gibken

Sid Bamick (Barizorg) / Joe Gibken

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

-Oh the doomed love between a mentor and mentee

-The powerful having to fight him when he's too far gone to ever know you again

-I think Joe should be hung up on him forever actually

Kurorin and Jin

Takeshi Kuroki / Masato Jin

Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters


-Take Tsubasa, feed it to me again, I'll be fucking thrilled

-Kiss your boyfriend through the phone

-Embarrass him in front of everyone at work

-He'll still love you

-The telephone that can call hyperspace just so he can talk to his bf long distance

Enter and Hiromu

Hiromu Sakurada / Enter

Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters

-Clown and Clownsexual

-Enter got a love infection and it unfortunately made him attracted to clowns

-There's nothing better than being infected with love for your enemy

Zett and Right

Zett / Right Suzuki

Ressha Sentai ToQger


-He wants so hard to make people happy

-Get him away from his family and he'd protect everyones smiles

-Right believes in him so much

-They're just so good

-They're each others weakness and God

Mio and Kagura

Kagura Izumi / Mio Natsume

Ressha Sentai ToQger

-How much time can two girls spend holding hands

-Make your gf a birthday cake filled with love

-Lesbian express

-They're adorable and care so much about each other



Hikari and Tokacchi

Hikari Nonomura / Haru Tokashiki

Ressha Sentai ToQger

-Hikari is tired but he crushes on any boy he's friends with

-Tokacchi is a nervous mess jesus

-Hikari is the only person who can look at you being a flustered mass of a person

-Hikari cute

Lucky and Stinger

Lucky / Stinger

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger

-I will give literally any of you fuckers $5 to show some fucking empathy

-Stinger at least looks out for Lucky and tries to help him

-Lucky is a strong positive energy source and Stinger needs positive energy so bad

-That bonus content

Balance and Naga

Balance / Naga Ray

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger

-Space gays

-Gay thieves are always important to me


-Walk into Seito University Hospital and drag every skeleton out Hiiro Kagami's closet

-Teach your snake to emote

Noel and Goodie

Noël Takao / Good Striker

Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger

-This is the only LvP ship that exists actually

Momoi and Sonoi

Momoi Tarou / Sonoi

Avataro Sentai Donbrothers

-This is just what it's like inside Inoue's brain, I fully believe

-They're just the Inoue brand of tragedy that he loves so much

-Just two guys with so much autism


-And congrats you fixed him

-You made him his best self

-And also he killed you, and in doing so, made the world worse

-And then you died and he had to believe that a person like you was still making the world good

Komon and Jun

Kazuki Komon / Jun Himeya


-Jun is here for symbolising love and trust in humanity even after experiencing it at its worst

-It means being gay is good and smart

-I don't know why Jun loves you so damn much but he does

-Me waving at evangelion parallels

Mirai and Ryu

Mirai Hibino / Ryu Aihara


-Bonus Serizawa|Hikari because they both love him and he loves them but Hell

-They love each other so much

-Ryu sees an ultraman and he just yells till they're dating

-Mirai picks up mannerisms and stuff from him constantly very nice

Gai and Jug

Jugglus Juggler / Gai Kurenai


-Much like with tsudai, y'all are wrong and they're a perfect couple

-You're both awful but you truly deserve each other

-And if you worked through your shit, maybe you'd get somewhere

-I think Jug wants it to work

-Gai is the issue because Gai is an asshole

Belial and Kei

Belial / Kei Fukuide


-Kei practice self care, like love yourself any percentage

-Seriously you deserve better than this

-But you'd rather worship the giant man who wants to kill people

-So guess we'll let you do this to yourself

Asahi and Saki

Asahi Minato / Saki Mitsurugi


-Romance the villain so she can't do evil things

-Goth and prep, ultraman's true strength

-They love each other please

-Asahi loves feeding her girlfriend sweets and taking her on dates

-Saki can actually be happy with her and loves her so damn much

Homare and Hiroyuki

Homare Soya / Hiroyuki Kudo


-Looks at that callout for me liking Senpai/Kouhai

-Its hard being a gay alien in love with a particularly dumb human

-And everyone knows you love him

-This is just soft cozy fluff and I'm so happy for it

-And Hiroyuki's Anger At Homare Being In Danger 👌